Version history


  • [New] Show soft keyboard only if you requested it
  • [New] APK signature, uninstall and install Toolbox again
  • Code cleanup


  • [New] Open app drawer action for Sense gestures and navigation keys
  • [Fixed] Sent and delivered toasts can now be disabled using Messages settings


  • [Fixed] Large photo mod on low-density/low-resolution devices
  • [Fixed] App drawer titles text size on low-density/low-resolution devices
  • [Fixed] LED notifications during charging


  • [New] Select app to open screenshots
  • [New] Hide Do Not Disturb notification
  • [Fixed] Next alarm and signal level labels while in roaming
  • [Fixed] Selected USB icon prevents other icons from hiding


  • [Fixed] Transparent background for TV notification
  • [Fixed] Power Flashlight timeout


  • [New] Haptic feedback duration options for navigation keys, long press and Sense keyboard
  • [New] Display alarm icon only for defined number of hours before alarm
  • [New] Tap statusbar to scroll to top in Google Play Store
  • [Fixed] Hide USB icon
  • [Fixed] Various mod fixes


  • [New] "Switch to previous app" action
  • [New] Option to delete taken screenshot from notification
  • [Changed] Recents popup menu mod moved from Always active to Interface mods
  • [Fixed] App drawer grid sizes for Sense 5.5


  • [New] Additional actions for extended assist panel
  • [New] Hide Wi-Fi notifications on Verizon devices
  • [New] Increased long press delay option for Quick Flashlight mod
  • [New] Additional backlight brightness level (minimum)
  • [Fixed] Some bugs


  • [New] Show signal strength in notification drawer's footer
  • [New] Notification drawer footer static and dynamic transparency
  • [New] Hide Input Method notification
  • [Fixed] Power Saver vibration option didn't stick after turning off Extreme Power Saving mode
  • [Fixed] Width of enhanced toasts with app icon
  • [Fixed] Some bugs


  • [New] Add application's icon and label to its toasts
  • [Fixed] Hardware buttons backlight control stopped working after Toolbox reinstall
  • [Fixed] Lock device action wasn't locking device with set timeout
  • [Fixed] Wrong labels for some apps in Toolbox list preferences
  • [Fixed] Some UI fixes

  • [Fixed] Translucent horizontal EQS
  • [Fixed] Some mods compatibility with 4.2.2


  • [New] Translucent EQS
  • [New] Translucent horizontal EQS
  • [New] Remove frames with corners from contact photos
  • [Fixed] Translucent notifications background and icons scaling


  • [New][4.3+] Translucent notifications background
  • [New] LED notifications during charge (not working on some devices)
  • [New] Notification LED blinking timeout
  • [Fixed] Buttons backlight


  • [New] Disable low battery popup and sound warnings
  • [New] Disable slow charge notification
  • [Fixed] Minor mod fixes


  • [New] High quality recent apps thumbnails
  • [Fix] Brightness slider reacts to brightness changes in Settings, min brightness value was set to 10%


  • [New] Allow 180 degree orientation
  • [New] Shortcuts added as an action for gestures/buttons
  • Minor mod fixes


  • [Fixed] Localizations slowdown


  • [New] Mod to change timeout EQS values
  • [New] Extended assist panel (a ring selector that pops up on swipe up from Home). Added Voice Dial and APM shortcuts (only for ROMs with that ring selector).
  • [Fixed] Apply icons theme color to traffic meter too
  • [Fixed] Dynamic buttons backlight in some apps
  • [Fixed] Issues due to HTC Launcher restart
  • [Fixed] Some UI and language bugs


  • [New] Performing kill foreground app action in any launcher will turn the screen off
  • [New] Apply icon theme color to clock, battery percentage, network and carrier labels


  • [Fixed] APM
  • [New] Downloadable localizations
  • Various bug fixes


  • [Fixed] Dynamic Buttons Backlight mod visibility for all M7 variants
  • [Fixed] Vibration when turning screen on with Quick Flashlight mod enabled
  • [Fixed] APM shutdown animation
  • [New] No signal icon


  • EQS brightness levels control
  • Hide Power Saver notification
  • Dynamic Buttons Backlight mod screen off issue fixed


  • [HTC One] Fix for Dynamic Buttons Backlight mod
  • Fix for Fast Unlock mod under Sense 5.0


  • [HTC One] Mod to configure brightness of hardware buttons backlight
  • [HTC One] Mod that turns off buttons backlight dynamically in fullscreen apps
  • Mod that blocks hard reset toast and power menu when device is locked
  • Option to hide statusbar icons
  • New item in recent apps popup menu - open Play Store page for selected app
  • New actions for back long press and assist: Open menu and Open recent apps
  • Fix for JB styled toasts
  • Added Google Cloud Backup. Saves your Toolbox settings automatically and restores them after you reinstalled the Toolbox.
  • Manual settings backup & restore (backup path is /sdcard/SenseToolbox/)
  • Added French translation by @Hsuan24


  • Fixed CPU temperature display issue.
  • Fixed "Swipe up from home button" action.
  • Removing statusbar clock doesn't affect clock in notification drawer anymore.
  • Fixed statusbar turning white after unlock if an app is running.
  • Updated and new battery Icons by @HD2Owner: Sense 5 with percentage and white style with and without percentage. Shoutout to @HD2Owner for providing these.


  • Large photo and 2-line caller name in dialer and lockscreen
  • Ability to lock all elements on home screens and in app drawer from home popup menu
  • Transparent dock was fixed for Sense 5.0 on Android 4.3
  • Mod to show next alarm time instead of carrier name in notification drawer
  • Mod to disable missed call notification if you rejected incoming call manually
  • Actions for tap on notification drawer header:
    - Open Clock app
    - Show/hide CPU usage, frequency and free RAM. Open Clock by tapping on current time label
  • Shake actions: Shake your phone on Sense launcher to execute one of the actions you can also do with swipes.
  • More efficient traffic meter code
  • Fixed volume button media control killing volume control.
  • Removed Global Immersive Mode mod, because a better implementation exists in App Settings Xposed module.
  • Added translations: Croatian, Dutch, Italian, Spanish. Thanks for your help. Credits are on the "About" page.


  • Fixed localization
  • Fixed FC


  • Fixed transparant dock for 4.2.2 devices.
  • Fixed missing icon theming.
  • Fixed lockscreen bypass mod. That means the random delay where the lockscreen was visible for a split second is gone now.
  • Volume media control mod. Control music players by long pressing volume buttons while screen is off.
  • Disable safe volume warning mod.
  • Fixed flashlight on power key timeout, now it's 10 minutes while on battery and infinite while on charger.
  • Launch Clock app by tapping on notification drawer header.
  • Swap volume keys in counterclockwise landscape.
  • [Android 4.4] Jelly Bean styled toasts. Bring back JB toast design on android 4.4 Kit Kat.
  • [Android 4.4] Global immersive mode. Activate immersive mode for all apps (fullscreen with statusbar that can be pulled down).


  • Fully customizable color themes for CleanBeam icons.
  • Added a section listing always active mods
  • More compact and responsive traffic meter.
  • "Close others" option in recent apps long press menu. Terminates all recent apps except the one you choose, then brings that app back to screen.
  • Additional filter option for the Apps list, allows to display disabled apps only.
  • Dock transparency is dynamic now, it will be lowered to match app drawer transparency when app drawer is opened.
  • [Sense 5.5] App drawer transparency was made equal to BlinkFeed transparency, you may want to change its value after update.
  • [Sense 5.5] Transitions between home screens and app drawer were modified to be very smooth, without any flashes or artifacts.
  • Added mod that implements quick flashlight activation by long pressing power button when screen is off.
  • YouTube channel watermark can now be removed.
  • [KitKat] Fix the "Xposed not installed" warning
  • [KitKat] Fix transparent statusbar on Sense launcher
  • Added KitKat style battery icons with and without percentage. Thanks to @skeleton1911 for the icons!
  • Some code optimizations


  • Fix for Bypass lockscreen option, doesn't dismiss lockscreen on incoming call and alarm ringer.
  • Added waring that 7 homescreen mod will not work on HTC One on Android 4.2.2. (Dual SIM One still has 4.2.2)


  • Re-added 4x1 widget transparanecy for Sense 5.5
  • "Bypass lock screen on wake" setting works also without screen lock.
  • Sense launcher home screens grid 4x5. All widgets became resizable.
  • Horizontal EQS are now long-clickable! Brings you to the respective settings. Works with APN, Autosync, Bluetooth, Brightness, DND, GPS, Mobile Data, Powersaver, Screenshot, WiFi, WiFi Hotspot.
  • Screen on and off animations. Screen on: Fade. Screen off: Fade or CRT.
  • Fast unlock for HTC lockscreen. No need to hit "Enter" key. Device will unlock as soon as correct PIN is entered.
  • Display memory usage in recent apps list.
  • Long press menu for apps in recent apps list. (Enabled by default)
  • Display package version in title when installing or updating app. (Enabled by default)
  • New options for volume bottons in camera: Zoom in and out.
  • Option to remove icon labels on Sense launcher homescreens.
  • New CleanBeam icons by @vomer: Roaming (part of signal icons), TV remote, in call, speakerphone, and a new set of WiFi icons. Please re-set your desired WiFi icon style!


  • Added mod to display current data rate (upload+download) on the status bar. Will only be shown, when the device is connected to a network.
  • Added mod to enable seven home screens on Sense launcher. NOTE: On Sense 5.5 BlinkFeed is counted as a page!
  • Added CleanBeam Do not disturb and MTP icons.
  • Pressing menu key with open home popup menu will now close it.
  • Horizontal EQS can now be used with disabled EQS panel.
  • Sense 5.5 changes:
    • Brought back Hardware info in Settings -> About.
    • Removed EQS reorder and BlinkFeed disabling. They are native now.
    • Horizontal EQS will use the native order.
    • Fixed the mods that were broken.
    • Removed 4x1 widget transparency as it has some implications on transparency of other widgets too. May come back in the future.
    • Removed infinite home screen scrolling. With BF enabled it's useless due to the new menu, and with BF disabled, it is prone to errors due to BF handling.
    • NOTE: App drawer transparency will set BlinkFeed transparency too. They are tied together in Sense 5.5!


  • Kill app on long press back/home assist now kills the complete package including services.
  • Kill app will give you feedback in form of a vibration, so you know that you actually killed the app and not just pressed back. Respects power saver settings for vibration.
  • Killing launchers isn't possible anymore. That removes the corresponding dialog too.
  • Transparency settings can now be enabled and disabled by a new checkbox in the settings dialog. Please re-set your transparency settings.
  • Soft reboot icon changed again. It now asks for confirmation. I hope this will now clear up any confusion.
  • Small UI tweaks
  • Fixed Vol2Wake in deep sleep for some devices/kernels. Thanks to @luxandroid.
  • Swipe sensitivity is now based on screen size. Makes swipes easier for low-res devices like the One S.
  • Added MMS size mod. Sizes are 300k, 600k, 1000k. Network restrictions still apply ;)
  • Added CleanBeam 4G, USB, Powersave, NFC and screenshot icon. Also Airplane mode icon as part of the data icons.
  • Added Sense launcher home screen popup menu. Acces via Menu, longpress Home or swipe up from launcher dock. Has some useful functions like access to settings, apps manager and APM.
  • Added mod to force enable "Support SMS special accent characters". Helpful for some specific regions to show actual character count. Code donated by @rumil86 . Thx for that!
  • Added polish tranlsation by @cvxcvx (Before you ask, I still have no idea how to handle translations in a way that doesn't consume all my time...)


  • Fix for Vol2Wake. After installation go into the settings, disable Vol2Wake, wait a sec, enable it again, full reboot to apply. You don't need to do it if you don't have problems.
  • Fix for home assist action on lockscreen.
  • Fix for misaligned text under CleanBeam settings.
  • Fixed missing translation.
  • Added back button to kill option.
  • App launch on long press back and home assist will now dismiss lockscreen. Only lockscreen, NOT your PIN or pattern lock. I repeat: Toolbox does NOT circumvent your lock :D


  • Swipes are now a bit more sensitive.
  • Fixed the flashing "more notifications" icon in most places. It still may happen when you come from camera app. Just wait until it updates...
  • Fixed Xposed installation warning message count.
  • APM is now in true sense style! Credits for the icons go to @Dunc001 and @lesscro. Thanks for letting us use your icons!
  • Added options for long press back.
  • Added horizontal swipes on Sense launcher dock.
  • Added custom app launch for swipe up/down gestures and long press back.
  • Added settings toggles for the gestures and long press back.
  • Added mod to make messaging app use toast instead of notifications for delivery reports.
  • Added mod to override "Swipe up from home button for Google Now". It can do the same like the other gesture mods.
  • Added mod to hide the MTP notification by making MTP a background service instead of a foreground service.
  • Added Vol2Wake. Works in deep sleep. Needs root and a full reboot to be applied!
  • Added brightness slider for notifications panel
  • Added CleanBeam GPS, BT and data icons. Data icons are the default G, E, 3G, H, H+, and LTE icons only for now. More will be added later.
  • Added mod to show additional information for each app under Settings > Apps. Includes button to launch an app, apk filename and path, data path, process name, user id, target SDK version.
  • Various UI improvements.


  • Total UI overhaul.
  • The Toolbox is now accessible through the phone settings.
  • Landscape orientation is now possible.
  • Added "About" screen.
  • Wallpaper is not removed when in appdrawer and dock is transparent, prevents dock black background.
  • Center clock is now really in the center.
  • Notification icons will now only go up until they reach the center clock. This is instant for notification icons a may be a bit delayed for the right hand icons.
  • Added option to remove status bar clock.
  • Added option to hide AM and PM.
  • Added check if xposed is actually installed. Maybe this will reduce the amount of questions a bit
  • Added mod that allows to assign different options to swipe up/down gestures on Sense launcher home screens. Currently included: Pull down notifications, EQS, lock device and go to sleep.
  • Added option to lower the font size in app drawer. Useful if you use higher grid values. (Enabled by default)
  • Horizontal EQS are now showing all the EQS tiles. You can scroll them. It shows 5 at once.
  • Added option to remove text from horizontal EQS.
  • Updated CleanBeam icons.
  • Changed soft reboot icon.


  • New icon! Thx @vomer!
  • You can now navigate back out of the sub-screens with the top left icon.
  • Added Pinch and/or swipe down to close all recent apps in Sense recent apps screen.
  • Added center clock mod.
  • Added infinite home screen scrolling in Sense launcher. Thanks @Onepagebook for the smali hack that pointed me to the correct method.
  • Added Remove clock/weather widget from app drawer.
  • Added New grid sizes in app drawer - This is active automatically! Set up the desired size in App drawer. 4x6 and 5x6 makes everything a bit packed, so long App titles will get cut a tiny bit on the 2nd line.
  • Added Disable EQS and restore settings button
  • Added Folders transparency setting. This includes open folders and their icons. Sometimes needs a FULL reboot to work.
  • Added CleanBeam sound profile icons and exchanged headphone icons. Thanks to @vomer.
  • Added Russian and German translations.


  • Fixed SunBeam installation error.
  • Changed status bar graphic to be not dissorted anymore.


  • Changed layout of the mods settings page. It got a bit cluttered with the number of mods there
  • Changed theme wo have a dark action bar. Looks more Sense-ish
  • Fixed a bug in EQS Reorder where a removed tile couldn't be added back immediately afterwards.
  • Fix for 100% transparency settings on status bar and dock.
  • Added transparency setting for app drawer. Huge thanks to @Mikanoshi , who shared his code with me.
  • Added option to remove BlinkFeed. Note that this will only work on Android 4.3 builds!
  • Added CleanBean mods by @vomer . Each mod can be selected individually. You may need to re-set your battery icon. Make sure to head to his post and hit "Thanks" there.
  • Thanks again for letting me implement these awesome mods into the Toolbox!


  • Just a fix for transparent status bar. This will now allow true 0-100% transparency setting for Sense launcher! This is for everyone who wants opaque status bar


  • Fixed cause for possible FC on start.
  • Changed status bar trasparency approch. This should make it work for thos who had problems before.
  • Added transparency setting for notification drawer background.
  • Added option to disable forced SMS to MMS conversion. Network restrictions still apply!
  • Added AOSP style recent apps menu.


  • Unified app for One, One X and One X+ - Now called Sense 5 Toolbox!
  • Added transparency for the stock HTC clock + weather widget
  • Added 'Wake on SMS' mod.
  • Added possibility to remove folder limit (Was 16 apps per folder)
  • Added option to disable the sound that plays on volume change by buttons


  • Added One X 4.2.2 compatibility.
  • Fixed transparency settings for a 0 value.


  • Added horizontal EQS. The First 5 of your normal EQS will be used there.
  • Added options to set custom transparency values for: Status bar, Prism dock background. Please note, that this will revert if you change launchers. Reboot to apply again. Happened to me when I switchen from Nova to Prism and back.
  • Fixed transparent Statusbar in combination with battery icon.
  • Complete change of the Xposed module hook structure for easier addition of new mods. Also lower overhead.


  • Updated support post link.
  • Added more info about APM.
  • Add version string to the bottom title and support entry.
  • Disable EQS feautre if root is not available. Xposed Mods still work.
  • Delete tmp.xml directly after use. No need to keep it.
  • Removed some unneded logging stuff.
  • Added "Force focus, then shutter" option to the camera mod.
  • Added transparent status bar.
  • Added 'Keep screen on' option in display and dev settings.
  • Added transparent Sense launcher dock. This has a delay, which can't be fixed for now, sorry. It's the same on a native mod.


  • Initial release - included in ARHD 12.3

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