Complete mods list

Some mods may only be available on particular devices

Interface mods
Status Bar and Notification Drawer
Transparent status bar
Make the status bar transparent.
Transparent notification background
Make the notification drawer background transparent.
Transparent notification footer
Choose notification drawer footer transparency mode.
Translucent notifications
Remove background from all notifications.
Clock style
Changes the style of the status bar clock.
Header click
Action for tap on notification drawer header.
Remove AM/PM
Enable to remove the AM/PM from the status bar clock in 12h mode.
Brightness slider
Add a brightness slider to the notification panel.
Traffic meter
Add current download+upload speed to statusbar. Visible only when device is connected to any network.
Display next alarm
Show next alarm time instead of carrier name in notification drawer.
Display signal strength
Show current signal level next to carrier name in notification drawer.
Extended Quick Settings
Configure brightness values for EQS tile.
Configure timeout values for EQS tile.
Translucent EQS
Remove background from quick settings tiles.
Horizontal EQS
Enable horizontal EQS. Your normal EQS will be there (scrollable).
Translucent horizontal EQS
Remove background from horizontal quick settings.
Smaller horizontal EQS
Removes the text from horizontal EQS.
Disable EQS panel
Remove EQS panel and restore settings button.
Recent Apps
AOSP recent apps
Enable AOSP style recent apps screen.
Close all recent apps at once
Add ability to clear recent apps list by pinching or swiping down.
RAM usage
Show the amount of RAM used by recent apps.
High quality thumbnails
Disable thumbnail conversion that reduces color data.
Popup menu in recent apps list
Show popup menu on long press for every app in recents list.
Statusbar icons
Color theme
Global theme for all icon sets excluding multicolor ones.
Change battery icon design.
Change WiFi icon design.
Use theme color for clock, battery percentage, network and carrier labels.
CleanBeam icons
Signal bar, Mobile data, Headphone, Beats, Sound profile, Alarm, Sync, GPS, Bluetooth, Screenshot, Powersave, USB, NFC, MTP, Do not disturb, Phone, TV
Hide statusbar icons
Select icons you want to prevent from showing.
Selective alarm icon visibility
Show alarm icon only during the defined number of hours before next alarm.
Install Sunbeam
Install the Sunbeam Live Wallpaper.
Sense mods
Make the Sense launcher dock transparent.
4x1 clock widget
Make the default 4x1 clock + weather widget transparent.
App drawer
Make the Sense launcher app drawer transparent.
Make folders background transparent.
Folder icons
Make folder icons background transparent.
Home screen
Enable to have infinite icons per folder.
Infinite home screen scroll
Enable for infinitely scrollable home screens.
Remove BlinkFeed
Only on Android 4.3: Tick to disable BlinkFeed.
Home popup menu
Show popup menu with useful commands on Menu press or Home longpress in launcher.
Seven home screens
Increase maximum number of home screens to seven. NOTE: Will not work on HTC One 4.2.2!
Grid 4x5
Adds another row to all home screens.
Remove icon labels
Removes the app and folder icon labels on home screens.
App drawer
Small app drawer grid font
Reduce titles font size for 6-row app drawer grids
Remove app drawer clock
Hides clock and weather widget in app drawer.
Swipe down action
Action for swipe down gesture on any home screen.
Swipe up action
Action for swipe up gesture on any home screen.
Swipe right action
Action for swipe right gesture on launcher dock.
Swipe left action
Action for swipe left gesture on launcher dock.
Shake action
Action for shaking the device on any home screen.
* Available actions for getures above
Expand notifications drawer, expand EQS panel, open app drawer, lock device, go to sleep, take screenshot, launch an app, launch shortcut, toggle settings (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Sound profile, Auto brightness, Auto rotation, Flashlight, Mobile data)
Messaging mods
Disable SMS -> MMS conversion
Check to disable the forced SMS to MMS conversion by the character limit. Network limitations still apply.
Wake on SMS
Turn the screen on, when you receive a SMS.
Toast delivery reports
Show a toast instead of a notification for delivery reports.
Raise MMS size
Raise the MMS size limit to 300k, 600k, 1000k.
Enable accent support
Enable accent support option in SMS settings.

Controls mods
Wake your phone with the volume keys. Needs Root!
Make a FULL reboot to apply!
Quick flashlight
Long press power button while screen is off to turn flashlight on and off.
Longer quick flashlight delay
Increases the power button long press delay.
Swap volume buttons in CCW landscape
Match volume up/down with slider movements to the right/left in counterclockwise landscape.
Extended assist panel
Add Voice Dial and APM shortcuts to ring selector on swipe up from Home. This mod will work only if your ROM has that selector.
Left shortcut
Define an action for left shortcut in extended assist panel.
Right shortcut
Define an action for right shortcut in extended assist panel.
Keys haptic feedback
Define the vibration duration for navigation keys.
Long press haptic feedback
Define the vibration duration for long press.
Sense keyboard haptic feedback
Define the vibration duration for Sense keyboard.
Navigation buttons
Back button
Action for back button long press.
Home assist
Overrides assist action (which is Google Now by default).
* Available actions for keys above
Expand notifications drawer, expand EQS panel, open app drawer, lock device, go to sleep, kill foreground app, switch to previous app, open menu, take screenshot, launch an app, launch shortcut, toggle settings (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Sound profile, Auto brightness, Auto rotation, Flashlight, Mobile data)
Volume keys
Volume Up/Down action
The action for Volume Up/Down in camera.
* Available actions for keys above
Shutter, Focus, Force focus then shutter, Record Video, Zoom in, Zoom out
Volume Up/Down long press action
The action for Volume Up/Down long press when screen is off.
* Available actions for keys above
Play/Pause music, Next track, Previous track
Various mods
Enable or disable Advanced Power Menu
If you have the native APM installed, better keep this disabled.
Enable 'Keep screen on'
Show the 'Keep screen on' option in display settings and development settings.
Show additional app details
Add new fields to Settings > Apps:
- button to launch an app
- apk filename and path
- data path
- process name
- user id
- target SDK version
Hide MTP notification
Make MTP service background and disable notification.
Hide DND notification
Disable Do Not Disturb notification.
Hide Power Saver notification
Disable Power Saver notification.
Hide Input Method notification
Disable Input Method notification.
Hide Wi-Fi notifications
Disable Wi-Fi notifications on Verizon devices.
Fast unlock
Unlock device as soon as correct PIN or password are entered. HTC lockscreen only.
YouTube channel watermark
Hide channel logo overlay on videos in YouTube app.
Play Store fast scroll to top
Tap status bar while in Google Play Store to scroll current page to top. Mod is not guaranteed to work with Play Store of version below 5.0.
Contacts photo frame
Remove a frame with bottom right corner from contacts' photos.
Jelly Bean styled toasts
Bring back JB toast design on Android 4.4.
Enhanced toasts
Add application's icon and label to its toasts.
Enhanced screen lock
Disable power menu and hardware reset notification while screen lock is active.
Hardware buttons backlight
Change backlight brightness for buttons. * HTC One M7 only
Dynamic backlight
Turn off buttons backlight in fullscreen apps. * HTC One M7 only
No auto soft input
Show keyboard only if you requested it.
All rotations
Allow 180 degree orientation additionally to stock 90 and 270.
Disable low battery warning
Turn off low battery popup dialog and sound tone.
Disable slow charge warning
Turn off slow charging notification.
LED during charge
Enable LED notifications while device is charging.
LED timeout
Set the time LED will blink after notification is received.
Screenshot deletion
Add Delete action to the screenshot notification.
Select app to view screenshots
Change screenshot notification to use viewer app selection dialog.
Caller photo
Change the size of the photo displayed during incoming and outgoing calls.
Disable rejected call reminder
Don't show missed call notification for manually rejected incoming calls. They will be added to call history as normal finished calls.
Disable volume change sound
Check to disable the sound on volume change.
Disable safe volume warning
Turn off a confirmation dialog when volume is raised above recommended level in headphones.
Volume dialog position
Make volume dialog bottom aligned so it won't block the view.
Screen animations
On animation
Fade animation for turning screen on
Off animation
Fade or CRT animation for turning screen off
Always active mods
App drawer grid size
New grid sizes: 5x5, 4x6 and 5x6. You can select them from default app drawer menu.
Lockscreen bypass
'Bypass lock screen on wake' setting works also without screen lock.
Revealed settings
Show 'ROM version', 'Distribution time' and 'Hardware information' (on Sense 5.5) in About section of Settings.
Apps filter
Add an option to display only disabled packages in Apps.
Display app version
Add package version to installer title when updating or installing an app.

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