Solutions to common problems

Module and mods were activated, device rebooted, but none of the mods are working.
Go to Xposed Installer Log and check information there.
Find line "Loading modules from .../com.sensetoolbox.six/...".
If next line contains "File does not exist", then just reinstall Sense Toolbox.
If next line contains "This class requires resource-related hooks (which are disabled), skipping it.", then open Xposed Installer Settings and uncheck experimental option "Disabled resource hooks".
If next line contains something else (error, exception, etc), then send detailed report from Toolbox and hope it can be fixed :)

A number of mods are not working, mostly from Interface section.
Sense Toolbox settings from Android 4.4 are not compatible with 5.0.
Clear Sense Toolbox data (or uninstall and install module again) and reconfigure everything from scratch for your 5.0 ROM.

I can't find mod(s), but it's there in the list!
There is also a note: "Some mods may only be available on particular devices".
It means that some mods are visible only if your device/ROM supports them.

Frequent random SystemUI crashes
Most of the time it is caused by Out Of Memory error during recent apps thumbnail generation.
Disable High quality thumbnails mod. If it won't fix the crash, disable other recent apps mods (RAM in recents, recents popup menu).

SystemUI crashes and device boot loops, happen mostly during device orientation changes
It looks like an Xposed Framework bug, see this issue on GitHub.
I've made a small module that fixes the problem, you can download it here.

I sent a report from Sense Toolbox and now waiting for response, where is it?
You will never get a response if you don't enter your contact information.
Main Sense Toolbox screen Feedback. Write your e-mail, ICQ or XDA nickname there.

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