Notes for translators

If you want to translate a large amount of text, PM Mikanoshi on XDA or ICQ 230-490 to get a Translator status so you can directly add translations, without using suggestions.

  • Please, review and correct all checks that Weblate shows you.
  • Save string with original English text if it doesn't require translation. Click on "x" near the "Not translated" warning to ignore it.
  • Translators can add translations to any language. Registered and anonymous users can suggest and vote suggestions up and down. Translators can accept suggestions.
  • Don't forget that we have Sense Toolbox and Sense 5 Toolbox now, you'll have to translate them simultaneously or use "Machine translation" tab to copy text from already translated strings.
  • Select your default language in profile settings and subscribe to updates so you could translate new strings as soon as they are added.

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