What the Sense Toolbox really is?

Toolbox is a collection of mods that improve almost every aspect of your Sense device.

Tooblox is an Xposed module, therefore Xposed Framework is required for it to work.

Toolbox versions

Module has 2 versions for different major Sense releases. One is for Sense 6-8, another is for Sense 5 and 5.5.

Supported Android versions are 4.2-4.4 for Sense 5 Toolbox and 4.4-5.1 for Sense Toolbox.

Backup functionality

Toolbox supports settings backup and restore using local backup on SDCard ( actionbar icon).

A note about compatibility

We develop the Toolbox on Android Revolution HD ROM and ARTMOD ROM. We can't test mods on every other ROM, but as long as your ROM is near stock without major modifications, it should work there too.

Official Toolbox XDA thread

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